Ben Lehman(non-registered)
Hi Ben, great to see your work here - we were in a recent webinar together and its always a joy to get to see how other photographers set their websites up and showcase their art. There are PLENTY of people with cameras out in the world now and plenty of them consider themselves to be professionals, but only a few truly make a livable income at it. I wish the best for you in your endeavors and may the light ever shine in your favor :)
If you find yourself in western Colorado please do look me up - great place for a photo safari of course! Cheers.
Carol Williams Rundberg(non-registered)
Thanks for putting this website on FaceBook so I can enjoy your work. What marvelous images!
Nice work...can't wait to see more
My order just arrived...VERY securely packaged! Great quality, beautiful pix...very pleased. Someone I know will be quite happy with his birthday gifts!
Great photos and a super web site! Keep it up.
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